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Who we are

Aldeman & Associates LLC

ALDEMAN & Associates LLC is an experienced training provider, catering to the needs of government agencies, private businesses, and law enforcement professionals. Our team of associates are a diverse group of individuals from across the country armed with specialized training and vast personal experiences in their respective field. With such diversity, we are equipped to provide customized trainings and solutions in accordance with the needs of our customers.

Our associates have vast experience on their respective field and most are consider experts on the subjects they present.

The courses and materials use are intended only for informational purposes. The goal is to provide useful information, but the presenter makes no claims, promissory warranties regarding the completeness, accuracy, timelines, or adequacy of the information contained in their presentations.

Because laws and regulations are constantly being changed, revised, repealed, interpreted and otherwise affected by judicial decisions and enforced or administered pursuant to changing executive policies and practices that are often bases resource constraints. It is strongly recommended that the attendee not rely on this material without checking more thoroughly with authorities in the state of this presentation, and with departmental policies, memorandum, codes of conduct, etc. from the agency the attendee is employed by.

Our associates are current or retired law enforcement professionals that share their learnings, experiences and tactics that are or were successful for them thru many years of experience.

At ALDEMAN & Associates LLC we pride ourselves of the outmost professionalism and will never utilize our personal political views within our trainings or services.






An interactive forum to unwind, share thoughts and experiences amongst brothers and sisters first responders from across the spectrum. The field we chose as a profession is full of peaks and valleys. We share our victories, and we cross those valleys as a family, you are never alone. Join us brothers and sisters to take care of our own by utilizing the power of the word and embrace the brotherhood.




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70 years of comibined experience

Our founders have a combined experience of over seventy years in the law enforcement field serving in different disciplines, supervisory capacities, and numerous specialized units. This level of expertise, discipline and diversity is applied to all our associates making ALDEMAN & Associates LLC the right choice to deliver your law enforcement training and consulting needs.


Sgt. Julio DeFigueiredo Jr. (Ret.)

President - Partner

Investigator/Sergeant Julio DeFigueiredo served 22 years in law enforcement with the Bristol County Massachusetts Sheriff's Office (BCSO) in numerous capacities. During his tenure with the Bristol County Sheriff's Office, Sergeant DeFigueiredo, was responsible and heavily involved with the identification and classification of Security Threat Groups (STG's) as the designated Investigator in the Special Investigations Unit.


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Captain Kevin Mailman

Chief Operations Officer / Lead Instructor- Partner

Captain Kevin Mailman has worked for the Worcester County Sheriff's Office for 27 years, starting his career in 1996. He has been assigned to a variety of units with the Sheriff's Officer as well as task forces outside the Sheriff's Office. Most of his career has been dedicated to working gangs, intelligence, and investigations. Kevin's specialty is acquiring intelligence, cultivating informants, and criminal investigations on the local and federal level. He has also worked part time for Paxton Police, Rutland Police and Hubbardston Police. He is still currently working for Rutland Police as well.


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Investigator / Trooper Hector Alicea (Ret)

Chief Executive Officer - Partner

Investigator Hector M Alicea began his career with the New York State Police in 1987.Upon graduating from the State Police Academy with the rank of Trooper he was assigned to patrol duties in the capital region later transferring to the New York City area. Upon his assignment to Long Island, Investigator Alicea continued with his patrol duties while also assisting the Drug Enforcement Task Force (DETF) and NYS Police narcotics unit with search warrants and interviewing suspects involved in narcotics trafficking and money laundering.


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Consulting and Audit Services


Aldeman & Associates LLC will customize training courses to meet the needs of your agency, security company or corporation. Our associates are experts in a vast array of law enforcement and security concentrations. Contact us to schedule a meeting where we can discuss how we will meet your needs.

Independent Audits

Aldeman & Associates LLC provide our clients with an independent review of agency or corporation policies, procedures, and tactics. Upon completion of this review, we recommend strategies that will directly improve employer, employee, and facility cohesiveness. These recommendations will be complemented with a comprehensive plan to guide the success of your entity. If you are looking to maximize the efficiency and security of your business and employees, contact us via the below link.

Special Investigations

Aldeman & Associates LLC have conducted hundreds of investigations to successful conclusions as a result of their determination, experience, and multi-discipline trainings. We are a professional organization and integrity is at our core.