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Seminar Descriptions


This two-day Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMGs) training is open to all sworn Law Enforcement officers, corrections, detectives, and intelligence analysts that have interactions or actively investigate OMGs. The presentation takes the student on a journey from the earliest days of the “American biker”, to present day “bike gangsters” that dominate the country as we know it.

This course will give the attendee the tools to become a better Outlaw Motorcycle Gang investigator, by immersing them in this criminal subculture. It will take the novice or seasoned law enforcement professional from “Contact to Conviction”, molding them into a practitioner through a building block approach.


Social Media has revolutionized how humanity communicates, conduct legitimate and nefarious business, while portraying a false imagine of oneself for personal gain. This communication behemoth has provided many benefits to society. Unfortunately, it has also been hijacked by questionable actors who troll this communication medium to destroy lives and propagate their illegal activities. Law enforcement entities have failed to capitalize on the potential that social media offers to assist officers in furtherance of criminal investigations such as, suspect identification, methods of criminal activities, criminal associates, and areas of operation.


During this training, attendees will learn how to decipher and interpret certain indicators displayed by gang members, allowing them to distinguish between an active member and an affiliate. Gang members are known to conceal traditional identifiers and/or behavioral traits to obscure their affiliation. Heightened awareness, information sharing, proactive enforcement, field interviews, and documentation, are all essential variables in furtherance of community and officer safety.





This two-day course will introduce you to a more effective way of identifying, documenting, and combating gangs. The instructor will guide you along different aspects of the gang, from indicia to communication, proper identification, and documentation of the member. This method would conform to State and Federal standards.

During this training the attendee will be exposed to different investigative methods to target the organization and bring criminal charges against them. Attendees will also benefit from successful interviewing techniques utilized on gang members, to solidify your investigation and develop confidential sources.


Human trafficking is a major problem in our country and most people are not aware of it.  The common misconception is that human trafficking only involves slavery or sex trafficking, and these crimes only happen in foreign countries.  Many people are being trafficked In the United States and in many ways.

Our associates have worked on these local investigations and can provide some insight into the problems we are seeing. Attendees will be taught the signs of human trafficking and how to spot possible victims.  References and pictures are often from ongoing or past investigations conducted by the instructors.


Although teen drug abuse has always been a problem, new trends are appearing in teens and young adults.  Drug culture from music, movies and social media has changed the view of teens.  Feelings of social anxiety, unrealistic expectations, inferiority, invulnerability, and others has caused some young adults to seek coping methods using illegal drugs and prescription medication.  Also, a progression of drug use is being seen.

Participants will learn how teens can perceive drugs differently, how social media is affecting the drug culture, and how therapeutic drug use can lead to drug abuse.


The use of technology and social media by staff for personal and professional purposes is increasing.  Advances in technology and the availability/access to the Web are impacting how staff deliver services and what constitutes typical standards of care.

These changes affect ethical and practice issues like staff self-disclosure, boundary crossings and boundary violations, confidentiality, and informed consent.  In the new digital age, professionals face a myriad of new ethical dilemmas, with little guidance from ethical codes that do not address these emerging issues. 


This two-day course will introduce you to a more effective way of identifying, documenting, and combating gangs. The instructor will guide you along different aspects of the gang, from indicia to communication, proper identification, and documentation of the member. This method would conform to State and Federal standards.

While agencies, lawmakers, families, and communities contend with this public health crisis, professionals in many fields encountered another growing issue: how do we respond to the emotional and psychological toll of this unprecedented death rate? How do we care for our workforce during such a difficult time, some of whom have experienced the overdose death of a friend or peer? What are the best ways to support our staff?


"While all of the visual aids are helpful, I think the instructor's level of knowledge and ability to clearly pass it on, is what makes the class. Furthermore, his obvious enthusiasm for the topic is somewhat infectious."

"The best training, I have attended in 17 years on the job. It flowed well and was a great topic. Loved the physical displays."

Outlaw Motorcycle Class

"Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic, obviously a subject matter expert."

"Most "hands on"/visual aids training I've been to. Excellent Instructor"

Outlaw Motorcycle Class


"Instructor is very well versed and experienced."

"The training was great! Power point information with videos and pictures, examples from instructor's experience that we were able to touch and review."

Synthetic Drugs: Synthetic Cannabis, Flakka and Fentanyl

"I Like the experience and knowledge of the subject by the instructor."

"Every Corrections Officer should attend this training."

Synthetic Drugs: Synthetic Cannabis, Flakka and Fentanyl


"I enjoyed that the material was engaging and intreating. It has helped me learn that social media is a valuable tool and can aid in investigations identifying illegal behaviors."

"Very knowledgeable and relevant to current policing environment."

Social Media Based Investigations